September 2018

Mella September Event

On our September Mella Monthly event, we delved into the finance and banking sector with Taye Dibekulu, President of United Bank. Taye has over 30 years of experience in this sector working both on development and commercial banking. The amount of valuable insights Taye gave us during the event was truly incredible. He took us into the opportunities and challenges present in the current banking scene in Ethiopia. His entrepreneurial spirit also stood out when he enthusiastically talked about some of the striving businesses in the rural areas of Ethiopia that he’d helped grow as a development banker. The evening came to an end with some questions from the audience.


Rophnan is a leading DJ, Producer in Ethiopia known for influencing the music culture with his distinctive sounds that combine Ethiopian scales and melodies with EDM. After releasing his album on May, this young musician gained popularity for his relatable yet unique content that gave birth to a new genre never adopted before. Rophnan shared the inspirations behind the elements in his music citing historical events and walking us through his adventures engaging with the culture. He believes the key principle to success is to always remain disciplined and to have enough knowledge of one’s self and integrate it into whatever you do. He cleared the delusion of what might seem like an overnight success when he passionately spoke of the 6 years of hard work and dedication that went behind his album. Rophnan sharpened our outlooks on entrepreneurship and inspired us throughout the evening.


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