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Teodros Abraham on his entrepreneurial journey [1/4]

Teodros talks challenges, opportunities and advices young entrepreneurs [2/4]

Teodros on how you can figure out if you are an entrepreneur [3/4]

Teodros talks about the future for the logistics sector in Ethiopia [4/4]

On October we were joined by Biniyam Tesfaye, Founder of Winsol Solar Technologies(Total Startupper winner). His story is one that inspired many. Biniyam had a heartbreaking experience with a friend who could not talk with her gravely ill mom, because she had to walk 12 kilometres to the nearest town to charge her phone. That’s when he started building portable solar chargers for people who couldn’t access power outlets easily. Over the years, Winsol has grown to hire 30 employees and reached a capital of 10 million birr. Winsol has also won many grants that helped the business excel in many ways. We had a great evening with Biniyam. Stay tuned for more updates on his video.


Biniyam shares how he was able to grow his capital to 10M in just three years.

Biniyam shares how he was able to lock down grants.


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