November 2018

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Melaku Belay is a passionate dancer and entrepreneur that has contributed a lot to the Ethiopian art scene through his famous Azmari place named Fendika Cultural Center. We were truly honored to hear him speak on our November Mella Monthly. We learned quite a lot from Melaku’s entrepreneurial journey. Melaku used to work with the Azmaris for 12 years with no pay and used to sleep under the bar of Fendika for nearly 7 years before he finally bought it from the owner through his savings and crowdfunding campaign. “I needed money to survive but not at the cost of my passion”, said Melaku who now owns the place that offers classes, workshops, art exhibits, and cultural activities. It is really fascinating how he was able to turn his story around through hard work and persistence. Melaku has won many international awards through the years and has even taught at Harvard University. He is inspired by the people and culture around him and hopes to sustain the identity of the culture by developing the musical wealth of Ethiopia through his work. We would like to thank all of you that came out to the event and also Melaku for such an inspiring night!

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Melaku Belay on how he founded Fendika [1/3]

Melaku Belay on growing a community centered around the culture and art in Ethiopia [2/3]

Melaku Belay answers some brilliant questions forwarded from the audience [3/3]


Dawit Abraham, Founder of Kukulu game was one of our guest speakers on our November Mella Monthly event. Dawit did not only build this Ethiopian themed 3D mobile runner game but also cofounded Qene Technologies which is the first gaming company in Ethiopia. On the event, Dawit shared many of the challenges he faced tapping into a market that almost didn’t exist in the country. He mentioned that pure perseverance was what got him through these obstacles. Dawit believes there’s a huge underrepresentation of the African culture, especially in the gaming world. He dreams to turn that around by building gaming studios and future projects that integrate the rich African culture. Kukulu game now has about 9000 users and recently won the AppsAfrica award 2018 for best entertainment solution coming out of Africa. What’s so spectacular about this culturally diverse game is how it is fully homegrown.  It was a true honor having Dawit on our November Mella Monthly event. Stay tuned for the full interview to be uploaded soon.

Dawit Abraham, Founder of Kukulu game on Mella [1/2]

Dawit Abraham, Founder of Kukulu game on Mella [2/2]


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