November 2017

Mella November Event

We were delighted to have Selamawit “Sishu” Deneke, co-founder, manager, and namesake of the well known burger restaurant join us for what was an inspiring evening. Her restaurant first opened its doors at it's first location in 2009, since then it's grown to be one of Addis Ababa's most popular restaurants, with 47 employees. Sishu unpacked how to build capacity, grow a business, maintain service quality, and how her and her business partner Mattios first got the idea to open such an iconic space.

She encouraged us not to take shortcuts, be persistent and live through the challenges that come with running a business in Ethiopia. 

“Any time I feel low I know it will get better again. Because it has always been that way.”

Towards the end she unpacked the importance of social responsibility which for her is core to her business. “We are doing well financially. That’s important but not as important as employing more people and seeing them grow,” said Sishu. The evening ended with questions from the audience who quizzed Sishu further on her drive and future aspirations. 

We are grateful Sishu joined us, and we look forward to inviting you to our next Mella Monthly event, where you can find out more info here.

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We were pleased to have Feven Gutu, the Co-founder and COO of Gebeya net: an online market and distribution platform that connects farmers, consumers, and transporters on our November Mella Monthly event. Feven shared the inspirations that led her to join Gebeya net and had cheered the crowd with the funny stories she faced while trying to familiarize herself with the day to day trades happening at the farmers’ market. Feven also shared her vision of revolutionizing agri - business in Ethiopia and left us all inspired.


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