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Tadiwos Belete, founder of Kuriftu Resorts joined us for our event in May. Tadiwos took the tourism industry to great heights with Boston day spa and Kuriftu Resorts, two hospitality brands in Ethiopia that have revolutionized the industry. Now Tadiwos plans to open up East Africa's largest water amusement park, which is expected to serve as much as - 1980 people an hour.

Tadiwos shared with us his inspiring journey. Born in a small village called Lemo in Arsi, he later came to Dessie to live with his uncle. In 1980, he left for Sudan to escape to chaos of the Derg regime for three years, until he found a sponsor to move to the USA, in the States he tried different ventures like opening an Ethiopian Restaurant, promoting and showing Ethiopian theater, before later opening up two hair salons.
While working there Tadiwos dreamed of opening another hair salon and spa in Ethiopia. To make his dream come true he worked hard for years, saving the capital needed and searching for investors to back him. Tadiwos came back to Ethiopia at the end of 2002 to open Boston Day Spa, a luxurious full-service spa and salon located in the heart of Addis Ababa. With the success of Boston Day Spa, Tadiwos set his sights on tourism. Using his previous experience in hospitality, he decided to open Kuriftu Resorts, Ethiopia's premier destinations for health, beauty, and relaxation. Tadiwos also discussed the major setbacks he faced like finding skilled manpower and challenges with government bureaucracy. Tadiwos also hinted on his plans to write a memoir to share his experiences with the young generation.

Watch the full interview to hear the whole story.

Mella Monthly episode 20 pt1: Tadiwos Belete, Founder of Kuriftu Resorts


On our May Mella Monthly event, we were joined by Selam Wondim, Co-Founder and CEO of GROHYDRO. Grohydro is a pioneer for making urban agriculture a real solution to the problem of scarce resources like land, soil, nutrition. Overcome food scarcity for livestock and humans.
Selam started different businesses at a young age and used her experience to find her strengths and weakness. Selam also had a passion for technology and groundbreaking ideas.

Years later, Selam was a stay-at-home mom reading books, when she stumbled upon a Kenyan book about hydroponic systems, being fascinated by the subject Selam spent her time researching and watching videos on this new and exciting idea. After she had done the necessary research, Selam started experimenting with hydroponic systems in her home. That’s when she heard about Bluemoon’s agri-tech competition, Selam and her team applied and got accepted.

Selam pointed out that, the major obstacle she faced was finding the right people for her team, she was able to solve the problem by having a clear understanding of the people she wanted to employ.

Selam won the Top Female Entrepreneur Award on the 2018-2019 StartUpper of the Year by Total Challenge. Watch the video to get the full story.

Mella Monthly Episode 20 pt2: Selam Wondim, Co-Founder and CEO of GROHYDRO.


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