May 2018

Mella May Event

Yasser Bagersh took the crowd by storm on our May Mella Monthly Event. He was authentic and full of excitement when sharing his story. Having been successful in many of his business ventures, Yasser had a lot to say about running multiple businesses. 

Yasser started off by working in Cactus Communications about 20 years ago; he then founded a small magazine on the side that would highlight the arts and culture scenes in Ethiopia and from there on, Yasser has set up many successful businesses, like his restaurant chain: Limetree that has grown to have 5 branches. 

Yasser answered all questions forwarded to him from the audience full heartedly and made us all laugh with his humorous remarks. 

The time we spent with Yasser was nothing short of remarkable and we’re delighted to share the video with you. 

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We were excited to have Blayne Tesfaye, Founder of TruLuv Granola: all-natural healthy snack bars made with love. 

After noticing a gap in the availability of natural and healthy snack bars, Blayne set out to discover a sweet and healthy recipe that would work and she was successful. 

TruLuv Granola has grown to be favoured among healthy snacks and is now available in TruLuv Granola shop, supermarkets, and hotels.

Blayne shared her vision of making TruLuv granola an international brand and we believe that, at this pace, it is beyond achievable. Go check out TruLuv Granola on and make sure you give it a try.


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