June 2019

Mella June Event

Thank you all who came out for yet another great event! We had the privilege of having Solomon Kassa, producer and host of 'Tech Talk with Solomon' along with two of the world leader in their industry, Henok and Mikkel. Be on the lookout for the videos at mellaethiopia.org

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Solomon Kassa

Solomon Kassa is a Senior Technology Consultant, also the producer and host of the Amharic TV Show “TechTalk with Solomon” that airs on Ethiopia Broadcasting Services (EBS), where he explores the topic of Science and Technology and interviews several highly accomplished Ethiopian-Americans in the field of science and technology. Solomon received the 2016 (SEED) Society of Ethiopians Established in the Diaspora award in recognition for his extraordinary commitment to produce a science and technology show and hosting it for millions in his native language Amharic. Solomon just published his all-Amharic, first of its kind book based on the topic of Science and Technology.

Born and grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Solomon left his country and moved to the United States in 2004 to fulfill his dream of pursuing higher education on a partial scholarship opportunity. He received his Master of Science degree in Information Systems Technology Management from The George Washington University in 2011 and his Bachelor of Science degree from Strayer University in 2008 majoring in computer programming. He also received Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) professional certificate that is exclusively awarded by the United States Government.

Solomon always had a passion and a deep sense of giving back to his community and his beloved home country. He launched his TV show in 2012 to fulfill his dream of instilling academic and professional aspiration among the young in the field of science and technology. The show also embarks to bridge the big information gap by presenting very relevant and cutting edge scientific and technological advancements across several fields.

As a result of Solomon’s continuous desire and commitment to further spread the knowledge in the field of science and technology among his people, he published and released his first book. The book is one-of-its-kind Amharic publication covering several science and technology topics.

Solomon is left-handed and he has such a big passion and love for art and design. He loves doing interior design, enjoys fashion, plays musical instruments (piano and drums), likes to spend time with family and friends, and enjoys outdoor activities like jet skiing, skydiving, roller-coaster ride, swimming, biking, ground tennis, and soccer.

Mella Monthly Episode 21: Solomon Kassa – Producer and Host of “TECH TALK”

Mikkel Borg

Meet craft beer Guru, the liquid Architect, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø Co-founder of MIKKELLER, Author of “Mikkeller’s Book of Beer”, a former teacher, was one of our main guests on June’s monthly event.

Copenhagen’s Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is taking several continents’ worth of brewing scenes by storm. His Mikkeller brewery is producing some of the world’s most sought-after beers. And all he set out to do was brewing some good beers in his kitchen, and maybe show a few of his fellow Danes what good beer is all about.

Before founding the company, self-taught home brewers Bjergsø and his partner Keller experimented on brewing, first by trying to clone existing beers. After success in blind tastings, the two started creating their own recipes and entered many homebrewing competitions in Denmark, eventually winning many of them. The brewery's activity was small, with a low level of public visibility, as the brewing was kitchen-based and the beer was only served at a few beer enthusiast meetings and in small local bars. In 2006, encouraged by wider appeal, Bjergsø and Keller founded the Mikkeller brewing company, named after their home brewery operation.

Mikkeller's beers are sold in over 50 countries around the world, 10 percent of which are sold in Denmark. Mikkeller's style of brewing is considered to be unique, since many of its beers are experimental with novel tastes. During its history, Mikkeller has released more than 800 different beers in a wide variety of styles, including several variations on the same beers (e.g. barrel-aging a beer in oaken barrels from various origins or having contained various spirits).

Henok Fentie

Henok Fentie Co-Founder of OMNIPOLLO a longtime home brewer-turned pro, was one of our main guests on our June’s Mella Monthly event.

The brewery was founded as collaboration between brewer Henok Fentie and the designer Karl Grandin 2011. The brewery has won most awards, among other things. Their double-IPA, Nebuchadnezzar won the prize for Best Beer of the Year at Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival 2012.

Henok Fentie and Karl, the like-minded duo has, in its short life, shaken up the craft market on both taste and visual fronts.

The two crossed paths and began discussing the insular craft beer scene in Sweden and abroad. They both felt their product needed to be made more fashionable in order to appeal to more people. A partnership, then, between a brewer and a designer made perfect sense. They began official production as Omnipollo—as in, “omnipotent” + “chicken”—in 2011.

Just three years later, the gypsy brewers (i.e., wanderers with no brewery of their own, instead utilizing the facilities of friends around the globe) were voted one of the Top 100 Brewers in the World by RateBeer.com.

Currently, the pair exports goods over 40 different countries, a number that's growing rapidly.

Mella Monthly Episode 21: Liquid Architects


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