June 2018

Mella June Event

We were honored to have Yusuf Reja as our guest speaker on our June Mella Monthly event. Yusuf revolutionized the job market with EthioJobs, the country’s leading recruitment firm.

Though many were skeptical about the idea at first, Yusuf pushed forward, believing that the solution he would provide would help remedy the growing demand for work.

EthioJobs was the first online recruitment solution provider introduced in Ethiopia and 20 years into the company’s establishment, it has scaled to connect to more people and offer even more opportunities. Yusuf, having an immense experience in business from all these years, gave us a handful of tips on how to build a successful business. He also answered all the questions forwarded from the audience with so much charisma and zeal that we couldn’t help but sink into the wonderful story he was telling. Thank you for a memorable night!


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Young Entrepreneur - Gelila Shewaye


We were pleased to have Gelila Shewaye, Founder of Lila Products: a mission-focused business empowering marginalized men and women in Addis Ababa through fashion. Gelila was inspired to start Lila Products after visiting Korah for the first time a couple of years ago as a translator (guide) for a missionary group. She was shocked to see the overwhelming amount of trash that has been dumped there for decades, and the mothers and kids scraping for food to eat and stuff to sell among the trash. After having witnessed this, Gelila made it her purpose to help the men and women who were in need with the best way she knew how - fashion. Lila Products now includes beautiful jewelry and doormats all made by the men and women of the Koshe area. Gelila is big-hearted and such an inspiration to all. To learn more about Lila products, visit their website


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