February 2018

Mella February Event

On our Feburary mella monthly event we had an insightful conversation with Captain Solomon Gizaw, a truly inspiring man who spoke so authentically about building businesses with integrity and hard work at the heart of them. One of the many fascinating things about Captain Solomon’s story is where he started and how far he’s come; once a dish washer and now owning 17 airline fleets, Captain Solomon’s success story had the audience in awe. That’s not all though, the passion that showed through in every word he said was truly contagious - “For where I started and how far I’ve come, it’s almost like an unbelievable achievement but for what I could have done or I can do, even today, it's just a joke.” This was a thought reflected by this brilliant man and in it had a powerful message that we all needed to hear.

Advice given with modesty, examples full of humor, stories that changed lives, the heartfelt laughter from the audience, and the brilliant questions all made up the essence of the evening and we couldn’t have wished for better.


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