December 2017

Mella December Event

Daniel Gad, owner and founder of Omega farms joined us for our December mella monthly event where he shared the story that led him to engage in a range of agribusinesses.

Daniel was keen on sharing the many untapped business opportunities that still lay in Ethiopia and gave us practical tips on how we can get started and succeed as business owners.

For Daniel, the key attributes to becoming a successful entrepreneur are creativity and fearlessness. “Don’t belittle your idea. It’s not always a long distance but hard work to get there.” was one of the many inspirational words that he shared with us. Daniel left us thinking on our feet and just eager to implement the many ideas that we have.

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On our December mella monthly event, we were joined by Addismiraph Abebe, a student at Addis Ababa University and the founder of AAU Push: a website and a mobile application that aims to resolve the back and forth between students and teachers by putting all the school announcements and course material in one place. In his first year of college, Addis noticed a big gap in the information chain between students and teachers and therefore set out to create a reliable and efficient platform to update students with all the relevant information and news on campus.

Addis enthusiastically shared his story and left us truly inspired.


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