April 2018

Mella April Event

We were pleased to be joined by Mahlet Afework, Founder of Mafi's Design on our April Mella Monthly Event. Mahlet shared her journey of exploring many paths to finally discover her true love for fashion which led her to craft beautiful designs made incorporating Ethiopian fabric. Since then, Mafi designs has grown to be an internationally renowned brand and we were truly inspired by the stories that made it a true success.

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On our April Mella Monthly Event, we featured Muhammed Jemal, Founder of Biruh Vibes: a social networking platform for creatives to learn, share, collaborate and grow. 

Mohammed’s light bulb moment came after seeing an art-work by a friend that really inspired him. As a result, he wanted to create a platform where he and others like him could find more creatives and their work focusing on Ethiopian ones. 

Regardless of what many had to say, Mohammed and his team kept on pushing. Finally, after two years of hard work, they launched what is now the website - www.BiruhVibes.com. Within a month of its launch, a lot of creatives had already joined the platform and started engaging actively. 

Biruh Vibes is bridging the gap between creatives and inspiring them to add the very essence of who they are and their respective cultures to their work. They are working hard to get rid of the misconception that one can only be born a creative. They insist that one can learn to be one and to impact many to be a part of this bright vibe as the name Biruh Vibes indicates.

Mohammed urged the audience to tune out skeptical thoughts and to be around people who share their vision.



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